Madison’s Creations in Glass

Hi, my name is Madison St. John. I am 7 years old. My daddy is teaching me how to make glass art. He says he knows I probably won’t want to do this when I am older, but I am having so much fun now! If you want certain colors in your glass, my dad can get them I am sure. I will make you anything you want, except if you are a boy. I don’t play with boys. But I can teach you how to make glass too, we have a whole studio to make glass. I know how to slump and fuse glass and put it in the kiln. I also design glass frogs, hearts and butterflies. If you want to order anything call my dad and he will help me get it ready for you. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the glass I make, the necklaces I sell (and there’s a picture of my cat in there too!):

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